Amana Church Society


The Community of True Inspiration
The Amana Church Today
    Today the Amana Church Society continues as a vibrant Christian community with a Board of Trustees and Elder Council providing leadership for a congregation which numbers over 400. Elders lead worship services at the Middle Amana and the Amana Churches. Worship services in both German and English are offered. As from the community's beginning, Bible study and reflection, and the reading of inspired testimony are a part of worship, as are prayer and the singing of hymns.

     The Amana Church advocates a simple form of worship which encourages sincere, heart-felt prayers and quiet time for reflection and self-examination. In addition to Bible study and discussion, the close reading of testimonies by Rock, Metz, Heinemann and others is ongoing within the church. Church offices and library are located in Middle Amana.

    Among its programs, the Amana Church has a Sunday School for children, a summer vacation Bible Camp, a youth group and children's after-school program. Bible study classes and other classes and workshops are arranged and offered by the Amana Church as well. The Amana Church welcomes applications from those who may wish to become members of the Amana Church. Visitors are always welcome to any
Amana Church services and functions: